Spend Winter holidays in Greece is surprising, without a doubt you will not find the usual but you will be able to enjoy it in a very special way. Discover why you should consider this destination in winter.

I don’t know why I hadn’t traveled to Greece before, perhaps because I always waited for the ideal date, and the idea of ​​meeting her in winter had never crossed my mind. But I have to say that doing it at this time has been a wonderful idea, and I feel like I have enjoyed various places in Greece in a unique way.

First at all, let’s be honest, if you are looking for a classic beach and a lot of movement, forget about winter, at least on the islands, most of the shops and restaurants are closed, and the iconic bars will usually be closed and dismantled, so you can’t find that.

The other disadvantage is that you will not find all the available accommodations, because many of them do renovations in winter.

Enjoy the Greek Islands only for you

There will be no partying and movement, but neither will there be hordes of people through the alleys of Mykonos, nor inopportune drunkards, nor parking problems. You will be able to enjoy wonderful landscapes with unprecedented calm, and you will be able to take photos and videos calmly and without waiting for the stage to be clear for you. Even making the drone fly where you usually can’t.

You will be able to enjoy the sound of the sea and the wind in Santorini, while admiring a sunset or a sunrise, and without anyone passing in front of you or blocking your view.

winter holidays in Greece


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Greece at the best prices

Since it is low season, prices will be divided by 2 or 3. Hotels and accommodations that work all year round will have excellent prices. Certainly, the offer will be more limited, since many accommodations will be closed because they stop during the winter months to make renovations, but you will see that there are spectacular places at very contained prices.

Another thing that will be cheaper are flights between islands and car rental. But obviously, the options will also be somewhat reduced, but never impossible. Boat trips are reduced, and it is an option that I would not opt ​​for in winter because the sea can be quite rough.

If you choose Santorini for your winter holidays in Greece, you have to avoid staying in Imerovigli or Oia because there are very few or no restaurants open (it is the case of Imerovigli that becomes a ghost town).

We were pleasantly surprised by all the accommodations we chose, here they are:

Niche Hotel en Atenas

Coco-mat Hotels en Atenas

Winter Holidays in Greece it will always be a 5-stars service

Since you will be one of the few tourists who have ventured to spend the winter holidays in Greece, you will see that you have the full attention of the locals. The service is definitely 5-star everywhere, with everyone willing to help you and spend time with you because you don’t have to deal with loads of people at once.

They will attend to you quickly, little or never you will have to wait. You can easily change the room if there is a problem, and you will probably have a free upgrade, in short, lots of advantages.

Surprisingly nice weather

Although winter is unpredictable and there will always be cold and rainy days, the climate in Greece is generally mild. With quite pleasant temperatures that can be around 16-17°C and some exceptional days can reach 20°C. We even have a little more and walk in short sleeves.

Sunny days are really nice, and you can enjoy the outdoors with complete peace of mind. Unlike the height of summer in which sunny days can be too hot for outdoor activities.

The same locals have told us, that in the peak of summer both in Athens and on the islands the heat is almost unbearable. I traveled in January and the temperatures never dropped below 10°C. We had sunny days that were around 20° and it was wonderful to enjoy the Santorini terrace with the morning sun.

Walking Athens both day and night was spectacular with these temperatures, and we were even able to enjoy the terraces, even at night.

Enjoy the calm of Greece in winter

I know that calm is not appreciated by everyone, but if you want to enjoy the beautiful Greek landscapes and towns without a horde of tourists or partygoers, then winter is the time to do it.

We were in excellent quality accommodation that allowed us to relax, sleep well, and have an excellent time. In some cases, we were able to get upgrades because the hotels were not fully occupied.

You won’t be woken up by drunks singing or staying up all night with parties that last until dawn. Instead, you can wake up with the singing of the birds or the ringing of the bells.

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