Favorite foods in French Polynesia

The Poisson cru Tahitian

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Poisson cru is a ceviche, Tahitian style. It is prepared with tuna marinated with lemon and coconut milk. It is eaten all over Polynesia and at any time. They usually do it with white tuna that is more delicate, but it is also found in bluefin tuna. You can eat it at a very good price and quantity in the Roulottes of Tahiti.

It is very easy to make, you should only find a good piece of white tuna, fresh, well clean and fat-free. Cut into squares, wash it in salted water, and after draining, pour into a salad bowl. There you will add: tomato, chopped cucumber, grated carrot, and onion in pieces. To everything is added coconut milk, and to enjoy.

If you like fish, you’ll understand why it’s one of our favorite foods.

Funny Place to eat In French Polynesia

Les Roulottes de Tahiti

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Every night in downtown Tahiti (Faa) you will find these foodtrucks symphony that offer local and a little less local food. You can eat almost whatever you want (French, Chinese, Tahitian…) in large quantity and at a very good price compared to the average of a restaurant in Polynesia.

It’s a place to go at least once. It’s funny, and you can eat outside with local people.

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Favorite restaurants and foods in JAPAN

The Suntory Whisky House in Osaka


This place became one of our favorite restaurants in Osaka and we have eaten at it several times on our two trips to Japan.

The Suntory Whisky House has an anteroom that is a small exhibition of the different whiskies of Suntory. In fact, it is a place to go drink and taste Japanese whiskey. But what we found out is that it’s also an excellent place to eat.

Dishes change with the season, and the combinations and quality of ingredients are excellent.

The Sashimi de Kanazawa and Toyama


Kanazawa and Toyama are known for their excellent fish and seafood, which is why we chose them to try Shashimi and we weren’t wrong. I am sure that if you are not yet a big fan of raw fish, in Japan it will easily become one of your favorite foods, because the quality is exceptional.

In Kanazawa we ate in a spectacular one, everything you can expect from Japan: Nouka Banzai Kyo

It is best to eat it in a specialized restaurant, and thus you can try different types of shashimi.

An advantage of Toyama to eat fish is the price, you can eat mixed dishes of cooked and raw fish at excellent prices.

Favorite restaurants in BAHAMAS Eleuthera

Tippy’s Restaurant

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A wonderful friendly place in Eleuthera; right side on the beach, you can eat or drink in this place.

The food is very good and the service is the best. You can also rent a car with the barman (funny right??!!)

If you stay in Pineapple Fields you will undoubtedly know the place, but if not, go to the Tippy’s for lunch or dinner.

Our favorites Restaurants in FRANCE

Figeac: La Dinée du Viguier


France obviously has many good restaurants, but only some of them combine several things that make us remember them forever, and this will be the case with La Dinée du Viguier. A tasty kitchen, which uses local ingredients of excellent quality, and sublimates them to offer really good and original dishes, without excesses.
It has a wonderful atmosphere because it allows you to admire the medieval architecture of the Castle in which it is located; And best of all, the price is not excessive.
The service is also excellent, which means that one can have everything one wishes to find in a good restaurant.

Les Tables d’ ‘Hôtes


Les Tables d’Hôtes (literally table of hosts) is what the meals are called in what is known in France as Maison d’Hôtes (Tourist accommodation in private family houses; managed by their own owners, known as agriturismo in Italy, or Casas rural in Spain).
Not all Maison d’hôtes offer table d’hôtes, and depending on the size of the establishment it can be like a small restaurant.

The Tables d’Hotes that we have enjoyed the most are the most intimate ones in which you share a table with the owners, during the meal, which allows you to talk about the place you are visiting, among other things.
This way of eating is an excellent way to get to know a place.
We especially remember the food we had on a couple of visits to the Domaine de La Grèze in the Dordogne. It was a private meal with the owners, worthy of a great restaurant, which can be seen in the photos.

Our favorite restaurants in GREECE

Simul Gastronomic Situ – Atenas

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I consider Greece one of the best places to eat, in general, the food is of excellent quality and very tasty. But I loved being able to taste the most elaborate cuisine at Simul Gastronomic Situ
Using local ingredients and recipes they have managed to obtain wonderful dishes; that really conscious the palate.
If you go, be sure to try the rooster; they say they have had this dish on the menu for years; and when you try it you understand why. The rest of the dishes change according to the season and the ingredients that are available.

Mani Mani- Atenas

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In the heart of Athens, the Mani-Mani restaurant is an intermediate route between gastronomic and rustic food. It has the elaboration and refinement of gastronomic food but the quantities of a rustic one.
Be sure to try the trilogy of traditional creams: tsasiki, feves cream and tarama. They are exceptional, you won’t eat them like this anywhere else.
The revisited Greek salad is also fantastic… well, everything is very good. And don’t forget the rooster, a dish that has become one of my favorite meals in Greece.

Katsaboo – Santorini

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Located in Fira, in the San Marino Suites, you’ll find this restaurant, not very big but with a lot of charm. It is very intimate and tastefully decorated, with an open view of the San Marino Suites pool, thanks to the big glass walls. At night the atmosphere is simply fantastic.
Katsaboo defines itself in cuisine as modern Greek cuisine, in any case, we must say that the food is spectacular and at quite correct prices.
We recommend making a reservation due to the small size of the room.

Pelican Kipos – Santorini

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The favorite of my husband, it is a garden located in the middle of the city of Fira. Full of color at any season (I have visited in winter, spring, and autumn).

The food is very good and variated, and the wine choice is a broad selection of wines (local, national, and international). They always have a sommelier available in order to give you information and advice on your wine choice.