Here you will find our recommendations that will serve if you are planning a trip to Russia, specifically to St Petersburg

  • Verify the need for a visa for your nationality. Making the visa is not complicated but comes at a cost. To avoid problems and complications, it is best to contact an agency that processes visas.
  • An interesting time to travel to St. Petersburg is in summer, during white nights. Practically there is light until midnight and very few hours of darkness. We have gone in August, the days were equally long, and took great advantage of the time. It can rain and make some cool days, but you can still find a well-present heat. So take a variety of clothing in this era to cope with the changing climate. 
  • Depending on where you are staying in the center you should be aware of the closure of the bridges at 1h in the morning. Especially if you go partying, or just catch them the nightlife of the city. 
  • When we eat often as usual during our trips, we look for local food. It’ll be the cheapest thing and you’ll know new things. Sometimes very good, sometimes less, but that’s part of the journey and delve into the culture of a country. 
  • Do not forget to check in on each hotel, supposedly not mandatory for trips less than 7 days, but all our hotels did. It is mandatory for trips of more than 7 days, and apparently can put problems on departure if they have not registered each stay. 
  • IMPORTANT: If you are going to tour other cities other than St. Petersburg and Moscow, you must provide a detailed and complete itinerary when applying for the visa. 
  • In Russia, very few things are translated into English or another language. Even in St Petersburg, it’s a pretty tourist town. It will be quite useful to have an internet connection and use a Google Translator type application that allows you to photograph the text and translate it. Remember that the alphabet is not the same. And on the other hand, few speak English or other languages.