Are you planning a trip to Greece? we give you some tips to keep in mind before and during your tour of Greece

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Where is Greece?

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe on the south of the Balkan Peninsula in front of the Mediterranean sea.

Greece has more than 2000 islands, the most uninhibited. Creta which is located in the south of the Aegean Sea, is the largest Greek island.

Do I need a visa for Greece?

The answer will always be: that depends. If your country does not require a visa for The European Union likely you won’t need a visa for Greece.

Some Important Facts about Greece

Santorini which is one of the most famous Greek destinations is an island in the south of the Aegean Sea. You’ll probably need to take a flight from Athens for reaching it.

LANGUAGE: the official language is Greek, and a lot of people speak English very well. But in the less known islands, language could be challenging. However, greeks are so nice that you’ll find a way to communicate.

CURRENCY: EURO. It’s easy to pay with international cards and payment applications like Apple Pay. you have to know that some banks get a commission when you retire money at the ATM.

ELECTRICITY: Standard Voltage 110 / 220V; with the plug that is used in France. Type C and E plugs, many hotels have adapters or additional type A plugs. But not always, so you have to provide an adapter and a converter according to the voltage accepted by your appliance.

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planning a trip to Greece on your own?

It is not very complicated to organize a trip to Athens or the island on your own. Read our recommendations and our travel post.

A lot of the hotel’s staff speak English and answer very quickly to emails, so you can request information and organize accommodations directly with them.

You can also be helped by a travel agency, but be careful about the prices. Normally the agencies add a marge (the job has a value). The advantage is that you’ll have a unique interlocutor and a person to talk with if any problem happens.

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Before the Trip:

  • You can reserve flights between Athens and the islands with Aegean, Olympics, and SkyExpress. These airlines work all year round. In the high season, you also find flights with Volotea, Transavia, and Easyjet from European Countries. Some major airlines also have seasonal flights directly to Santorini or Mykonos.
  • Choosing the islands that you want to know is the first step. Get information about every island, the activities, and accommodations will be very different according to the island. Even the most known: Mykonos and Santorini are very different. Use this site for information:
  • Attention to the weight of your luggage. The flights to the islands are limited weight and not the same as the standard inter-European flights. Your first luggage must weigh 15 Kgs and your carry-on just 9 Kgs. With AEGEAN you’ll have 23 Kgs like any European Flight.
  • If you are planning a trip to Greece on your own, and you are visiting Santorini, do not forget to check with the hotel if they take care of luggage when you arrive, and if you have to pay extra for it. It would be very hard to carry your luggage through the stairs, especially if they are heavy.
  • Check prices for renting a car. Most of the hotels propose transportation between the airport and accommodation, but if you consider the price maybe renting a car could be more interesting. The only problem could be if you travel during the high season, parking could be challenging.
  • When you arrive in Athens, you could arrange your pick up at the airport or take a taxi. There is a flat price for it. Some hotels just arrange a taxi and the price will be exactly the same 40€. Request the information and confirm the price.

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