Kenroku-en was a garden that I knew accidentally, and I was so impressed with this place that I visited it again. Initially, I was looking for a traditional region to visit, not far from Kyoto, in that way I found Kanazawa, and when I was looking for what to see at this place, I knew about this garden. I don’t even know that some people visit Kanazawa only for this garden, because Kenroku-en is one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan., and this place really justifies this title.

Its name means 3 Garden of the six sublimities”, the properties that have to be a perfect garden, it means: spaciousness, antiquity, seclusion, elaborate use of water, scenic charm, and artifice.

Kenroku-en garden japan

How much does it cost to go to Kenroku-en?

The entrance is not very expensive. Only 320 yens for adults (until 65 years, and free for over 65), and 100 yens for kids (6-17 years).

The first time we visited this garden, it was during the Festival Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Matsuri and the entrance was free.

When to visit this garden and How much time it takes?

Kenroku-en Garden can be visited all year round. Every season will offer different views to the visitors. But no doubt that the most beautiful season will be spring and autumn. We visited a couple of times on mi-May and it was full of flowers and colors (a little less on the second time, it seemed a dry year).

Local people told us that in autumn colors are also beautiful, with shades of red and orange. The cherry blossom can be also a wonderful moment, but remember that it will also be very crowded.

The garden will need an entire day if you way to enjoy the park, to sit sometimes and just contemplate the landscape.

What to do in this Garden and around it?

You have to visit the different landscapes in this park and take your time for contemplation. You are not allowed to picnic inside the garden. But there are some areas where you will be able to eat and drink.

There are some tea houses in the garden where you will be able to drink tea and japaneses pastries while admiring the landscape, soooo Japanese. When you exit by the Katsurazaka Gate, you will find several shops and restaurants and cafés for eating, buying ice cream, or drinking.

You can visit the Kanazawa Castle which communicates with the garden with a bridge (Ishikawa Gate).

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