Santorini, often referred to as the “Jewel of the Aegean,” is a breathtaking island in Greece known for its stunning sunsets, crystal-clear waters, and iconic white-washed buildings. It’s no wonder that Santorini has become a dream destination for couples seeking a picturesque backdrop for their wedding day. In this post, we’ll explore the enchanting beauty of this island and how you can celebrate your wedding in Santorini.

How to find the perfect setting

Santorini is famous for its unique geography and stunning landscapes. The island’s dramatic cliffs, cascading bougainvillea, and azure sea provide a dreamy backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Imagine saying your vows against the backdrop of the deep blue Aegean Sea as the sun sets, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink. Whether you choose a clifftop venue, a seaside beach, or a charming chapel, every corner of Santorini offers a picturesque setting for your wedding.

I recommend to travel to the island before your wedding to choose the location. You’ll have a great moment and you’ll avoid bad surprises. If you can not travel to the island, contact a travel expert or check travel blogs like ours to get the most information about perfect spots, hotels, and restaurants. Write to us or to others blogs, and get the answer to your questions.

Charming Venues

Santorini offers a variety of wedding venues to suit different tastes and styles. From luxurious resorts with panoramic views to intimate cliffside villas and traditional Greek chapels, you’re sure to find the perfect venue for your special day. A popular choice for many couples is Oia, a village known for its stunning sunsets and charming alleys.

Fira, the island’s capital, is another excellent option with its vibrant nightlife and many amenities. But also Imerovigli where you’ll find a calm atmosphere and stunning view of the caldera and the Skaros rock.

It will not be difficult to find a location with a perfect view for your special day. Santorini also has a great atmosphere with breathtaking sunsets that will create the perfect light and scenery for your wedding.

Here are some places that will offer you the perfect venue, but do not limit you to this list, there are a lot of wonderful places for all tastes and all budgets. If you want more information about where to celebrate your wedding, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Dana Villas: they have a dedicated space for weddings and they are well known for it. It is located in Firostefani
  • Andromeda Hotel: located in Imerovigli, with a wonderful view over the caldera. They also have a perfect space for celebrating weddings.
  • Venetsanos: it is not a hotel but a winery with a stunning view. Perfect place for celebrating a wedding. The only disadvantage of this spot is that in some cases can be very windy. The other winery that is a perfect spot, not far from Ventsanos, is Santo Wines.
  • Theros Wave Bar: on the other side of the island, the view will be not over the caldera but over the beach of Vlihada. This place is perfect for summer, it is a beach bar, a little more informal in a secluded location. Attention to the access, the road is not paved.

Actually, there is a lot of spot that could be perfect for your special day, the choice will depend on the number of persons and your budget. You’ll find some spots less known but perfect for a celebration. For example, see the pictures below that are of a couple of hotels (one in Oia and one in Imerovigli) with a space that can be easily decorated for a stunning celebration:

How to Organize a Wedding In Santorini

Organizing a wedding in Santorini will be an unforgettable experience. From choosing the perfect venue and hiring a local wedding planner to navigating legal requirements and capturing lifelong memories, every step of the process is worth the effort. But you’ll have to take into account a lot of things:

  • Planning ahead: The key to a successful Santorini wedding is careful planning. Begin by setting a date and a budget, which will guide your choices as you move forward. Popular months for weddings on the island are May to October, so book well in advance to secure your preferred date and venue.
  • Think about the weather: a lot of weddings are celebrated during the summer, but you have to consider that is the most busy season in Santorini and the weather can be very very hot. You can picture yourself melting under the Greek sun on your perfect day.
  • How many people will attend: this is going to determine a lot of things: are they going to stay at the same hotel? are you considering doing some activities together? do you want to celebrate a rehearsal dinner? do you want to propose different price level hotels to your guests? Where to stay in Santorini?
  • Consider hiring a wedding planner: To navigate the complexities of planning a wedding from afar, it’s highly recommended to hire a local wedding planner who knows the ins and outs of Santorini. They can assist with legal requirements, coordinate vendors, and ensure your vision comes to life.
  • Legal requirements: If you’re not a Greek citizen, you’ll need to complete some paperwork to make your wedding in Santorini legally binding. This typically includes obtaining a marriage license from the local town hall. Your wedding planner will guide you through the process. Here is a website that will give you enough information about this (depending on your nationality).: santoriniweddings
  • Catering and Cuisine: Greek cuisine is renowned worldwide. Incorporate traditional dishes like moussaka, souvlaki, and baklava into your wedding menu to give your guests a true taste of Greece. Most venues offer catering services, and you can customize your menu to suit your preferences.
  • Capturing memories: it will be easy to find a lot of professional photographers in Santorini, but check all the reviews and request recommendations from local people for choosing the person who will do the photos that will be treasured for years to come.

When all is said and done, you’ll cherish the memories of your wedding in Santorini, where love meets breathtaking landscapes, and dreams become reality.

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