French Polynesia has not a lot of beaches, water is undoubtedly beautiful but contrary to what people might think, it is not easy to find beaches. I think that Moorea is one of the Polynesia islands with more beaches easy to enjoy. Here you’ll find a compilation of the best beaches on Moorea Island:

1. Temae Beach – The best beach in Moorea

This beach is divided in two, the right side is a private beach that belongs to the Sofitel Ia Ora, and the left side is a public beach surrounded by a beautiful champ of coconut trees. If you are not staying at the Sofitel do not hesitate to visit this beach, it is the most beautiful on the island.

This beach is full of coral and you’ll have a wonderful snorkeling there. Do not forget to take drinks and something to eat with you to the public beach because there is nothing for buying something.

moorea beches -the best beaches in moorea

2. Beautiful public beaches in Moorea

There are several good public beaches in Moorea, here is my selection:


This beach is near the now-closed Intercontinental Moorea in the northwest of the island. It is a white sandy beach with corals on both sides. With a shallow lagoon, this spot is perfect for snorkeling.


This beach is near Cook’s Bahia, and here you have an excellent view of the mountains from this beach. The sand is white and super fine and pleasant.

On both beaches, you’ll find showers and restrooms in excellent condition. You’ll need to take with you something to drink and eat because there are no places for buying on-site.


On the other side of the island, you’ll find also interesting beaches but wilder ones, like PAINAPO, you won’t find showers or restrooms but a beautiful landscape and beaches full of coral, so you also have to be careful. Inside you’ll find some spots of soft sand, but anyway, in Polynesia, I recommend using beach shoes all the time.

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