What to say about us? When I started to write on this blog, it was about me and we become ‘us’, because now my husband also loves to collaborate and write for it. 

From a very young age, I had the desire to know distant lands, which led me to live abroad. Today I explore different cities and cultures. I am a fan of languages, I speak Spanish, English, French, and Italian, and now we make an attempt to learn German. Being able to easily communicate with the locals we visit is essential to get to know the culture better.

I met my husband more than ten years ago, initially, he was more sedentary and he has become an adventurer by my side.  Together we explore and invent new destinations. Close or far, our travels are always the discovery of a place and a part of ourselves that we did not know.

We have done all kinds of trips: austere, luxury, family, among friends… To cities, to the jungle, to the mountain… but the learning will always be the same: travel makes you know places and cultures, but above all, it makes you know yourself and see the world and your own life in a different way. Here you’ll find sometimes a luxury travel blog, the reality is that we are not backpackers, and we love to stay in luxury hotels, but more than that, we love to find hidden gems that are like luxury hotels.

We are not what is defined these days as ‘influencers’, actually We do not try to influence, We love sharing our better experiences, our favorites, and authentic places… We do not need to influence you, We are not paid for this and We’ll never accept to recommend a place if we do not like it;  surely you will be able to choose what you want to do by yourself, just using or not the information we are sharing with you!

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