Here you will find the main thing to keep in mind if you are planning a travel to Italy, tips that will help you to organize a perfect travel to this beautiful and varied destination.

Are you planning a trip to Italy? we give you some tips to keep in mind before and during your tour of this beautiful country.

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travel to italy tips

Regions of Italy

Italy is located in southern Europe. It has a long Mediterranean coastline.

The country has varied landscapes: stunning mountains, dreaming valleys, beautiful blue beaches, and fairytale forests. Its natural beauty is amazing but you’ll also find cities full of artistic patrimony. Whatever you want to do, We are sure that you’ll find a place in Italy that will not disappoint you.

Do I need a visa for ITALY?

The answer will always be: that depends. If your country does not require a visa for The European Union likely you won’t need a visa for Italy.

Some Important Facts about Italy

Santorini which is one of the most famous Greek destinations is an island in the south of the Aegean Sea. You’ll probably need to take a flight from Athens for reaching it.

LANGUAGE: the official language is Italian. Some regions in the north speak German, but Italians usually take the time to make them be understood, even with few words in English.

CURRENCY: EURO. Italians are very used to paying in cash. In the main cities, you can easily pay with international cards.

ELECTRICITY: Standard Voltage 110 / 220V; with the plug that is used in France. Type C and E plug, many hotels have adapters or additional type A plugs. But not always, so you have to provide an adapter and a converter according to the voltage accepted by your appliance..

planning a trip to Italy on your own?

It is possible to plan a trip to Italy on your own if you travel a lot.

Consider contacting an agency if you travel for the first time, you can be easily overwhelmed by the number of activities and places to see. You’ll maybe need some advice for planning your travel and really enjoy the places.

Before the Trip:

  • You have to choose the region that you want to visit, Italy is not super big, but if you don’t choose correctly your regions you are going to spend a lot of time traveling.
  • Main cities are easy to reach by train or plane. If you are just going to visit a city, you won’t need a car. If you want to have the postcard experience, for example in Tuscany or Valpolicella Valley you have to rent a car.
  • Attention to the weight of your luggage especially if you are planning to move on the train or with low-cost airlines.
  • Consider the agriturismo for your housing reservations. Agriturismos are hosting managed by local people, in many cases including food. In Italy, sometimes these agriturismos are better than hotels.