Miami what to do and what to see in this city that has a reputation as a city of only parties and the beach, which is totally true, but it is also a varied city, where you can do many things. And surrounded by places that can complement it. We tell you what we usually do in that city and its surroundings so that you can enjoy Miami to the fullest, traveling in peace and not spending too much or uselessly.

1. Trips to Miami are also gastronomic trips

If there is a place where you can eat excellent and at a wide variety of prices, it is Miami. Obviously one of the best things to eat in this city is Latin American food, which is not just one and varies from country to country. Well, in Miami you will find extraordinary Peruvian ceviches, arepas and super good Venezuelan grills, roasts and Argentine wines, and so on.

You will also find an excellent variety of food from other continents: Japanese, Italian, Chinese,… whoever thinks that they will go to Miami to eat only hamburgers or Cubanitos does not know the place at all.

A good place to go to try Argentine or Chilean wines, and European-type restaurants that serve cheese tapas, sausages with wine, is Wynwood.

The gastronomic offer is very wide and can go from very expensive restaurants to excellent and much cheaper Food Trucks.

2. Partying in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Without a doubt, Miami is a city to party, and it can become the city of excess. The area par excellence for partying is South Beach. Fort Lauderdale has a very party ambiance in Las Olas Boulevard, full of bar and music live spots.

There are a few things to remember when partying in Miami:

  • The sale of alcohol is prohibited to those under 21 years of age (don’t be surprised if they ask for your ID, so don’t forget it)
  • Clubs and bars ask to pay an entrance fee, which may or may not entitle you to a drink. In some cases, depending on the venue, you may have to pay full service to get access to a table
  • Dress for the occasion, in many places they will not let you in if you are not well dressed, or in sneakers

3. Cultural Miami What to see?

Few will have chosen a trip to Miami for its culture, but it is also a place of a certain artistic movement. But you have to be very clear that it is not exactly a place to go to enjoy heritage, or historical places, however, some things are interesting. And if you like modernity, this is the place.

What to see?

The Museum of Contemporary Art: where there are also free jazz concerts every last Friday of the month.

Holocaust Memorial, is a small museum with a somewhat touching artistic presentation. If you visit it at night it has even more effect.

Miami History Museum: It is located in downtown Miami, and is considered the largest history museum in Florida. Admission is free every second Saturday of the month

Wynwood Walls: you cannot miss visiting the Wynwood district beyond to go to parties and eat because you will find walls that house great artistic works (street art) of all trends.

Few will have chosen a trip to Miami for its culture, but it is also a place of a certain artistic movement. But you have to be very clear that it is not exactly a place to go to enjoy heritage, or historical places, however, some things are interesting. And if you like modernity, this is the place.

4. Miami what to do besides partying and the beach, obviously: Shopping!!

Going to Miami and not going shopping is a sacrilege, in this city and in the surrounding places you will find the best stores and the best outlets to buy at excellent prices.

Our favourites:

Sawgrass Mill Outlet: Located on the outskirts of Fort Lauderdale, it is the 4th largest mall in the United States. There you will find basically everything. It has a section dedicated to luxury brands called: Colonnade Outlets, but there is something for all tastes and budgets.

We recommend dedicating a couple of days if you want to take advantage of the stores and their prices, one day will not be enough if you have not visited it before. The ideal is to see the directory and the map before going, and organize your visit by listing the stores you want to visit according to the area, the shopping center is gigantic, and otherwise you will get tired and waste a lot of time going from one place to another, or trying to to locate you

Lincoln Road (South Beach) or Española Way: If walking is your thing, going from one store to another along a commercial street, then these places are for you. You’ll be able to enjoy being outdoors, even if you don’t trust the Miami weather that can turn into sweltering humid heat, but luckily, you’ll also find plenty of cafes and restaurants to take a break.

Aventura Mall: another of the great shopping centers in Florida. There you will find the famous department stores: Bloomingdales, Macy’s… as well as luxury stores such as Fendi, Balenciaga. The prices are not as attractive as Sawgrass, but you will certainly find a lot of nice things.

5. Where to stay? Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Miami is a very big city and you have to think carefully about where to stay depending on what you want to do. A good alternative is to change your accommodation according to the activities, and I recommend spending some time in the Fort Lauderdale area, which, although it is not Miami, will give you another perspective, better beaches, quieter places, and proximity to the Sawgrass Mill if you want to leave. a couple of days of shopping. We personally love it.

In Miami, the most tourist area is South Beach, where the nightlife and beaches are, but obviously, it will be expensive and don’t try to find a lot of rest because as I said before, it is the party and beach area, there will always be in movement and zero Calm down.

Good hotels in Miami are not cheap and therefore one of the best option is Airbnb. I recommend one in Fort Lauderdale where you will be received in a recently renovated house, and by someone who will guide you in everything you need in the area. From there you can rent a car and move as you like. Here are the photos:

If you want a price or information about this accommodation, write me here.

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6. How to move around??

Miami is a very large and sprawling city, and many places that you will be interested in seeing will also be in what is called the outskirts of the city, so we recommend considering renting a car for most of your stay. There is little public transport or limited to certain areas.

Although public transport is not ideal in this city, be sure to take:

The Citywide Free Trolley is a tourist tour in itself and is free. They are quite atypical buses due to their tram car appearance.

The Metromover runs only through downtown Miami.

The Metrorail: that train that you will see almost from the moment you arrive in the city, because it goes through elevated rails: It covers the city from north to south and has strategic stops in Brickell, Coconut Grove, Vizcaya and Downtown.

For the rest, you can use Uber at quite moderate prices. I do not recommend buses because sometimes you will meet unpleasant people, you should consider that in the USA the vast majority of people have a car, and whoever does not have one is probably because their driver’s license has been withdrawn for some reason, and that is the people you will meet on the bus.

If you stay in Fort Lauderdale, the best is to rent a car, you’ll be freer, and you’ll be able to to the beach and outlets easily. Parking is usually free for these places.

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