When I first traveled to Japan, I discovered something that I had no idea about and that was going to become the main point of my visit; that this country is the paradise of cosmetics, but not only the one we imagine. We have the idea of ​​expensive and luxury Japanese cosmetics, which we have acquired through Shiseido. There are countless Japanese cosmetics, so many that I think it would take a lifetime to get to know them, and the biggest and best discovery was finding excellent quality at very fair prices.

 Why buy cosmetics in Japan?

You will say, but I could spend my time shopping for other things during a vacation. But the answer is that you cannot pass up the opportunity to buy cosmetics there, if you take a trip to Japan. And forget about the common: Shiseido, Kanebo … there are an infinity of brands to know and that do not reach us abroad.

Japanese women are the queens of skincare, and you will not only have to buy the products but also learn how to use them and in a specific order. I’ll write about that later because it’s quite accurate and almost like a rite, that’s what will increase its effectiveness.

 What cosmetics to buy in Japan?

Everything will depend on how much you want to spend obviously. I recommend doing a lot of research and making a list with photos before you travel. It will be an arduous task to find in a store what they saw on the internet, and they will have to turn to the saleswoman who will speak 3 words of English at most. Therefore, it is best to show him the photo and thus tell them where to find it.

In Japan they must come from the well-known brands abroad, there are an infinity of local brands and from other Asian countries (especially Korean) of excellent quality and that you have probably never heard or seen.

Here are some of the things I recommend buying:

  • Make-up remover oils: a product that I met in Japan, they are not two-phase products, they are real oils, which clean make-up subtly and perfectly. You will find them literally in all low, medium or high-end brands.
  • Cleansing Soaps – They’re kings at this, there’s an incredible variety, and the vast majority are excellent. There is a product that half mankind buys when they go to Japan, the Senka. It seems good to me, but there are others even better. The smoothness of these soaps is exceptional.
  • Refreshing Wipes – A cool thing, they look like classic makeup removal or cleansing wipes, but they are refreshing in every sense of the word. They feel chilly, truly refreshing.
  • Masks: not like the ones we know; that they put a potion on you and then you wash it. In Japan the boom is the textile masks impregnated with a product, and that you only have to take out of an envelope and put it on your face. There is literally everything: anti-aging, moisturizing, whitening, relaxing, refreshing. There are them for the full face or just for under the eyes.
  • Shampoos and Conditioners: there is a flood of products, they are sold in classic pots or in refill envelopes (I buy the latter, less heavy to transport). There are so many brands and of exceptional quality, you can choose to buy small packets during your stay to try them and find the one that best suits your hair.

What Japanese cosmetic brands should you know? What Japanese cosmetics you must buy?

 Yes of course, you know Shiseido, maybe a little Kanebo, but there is so much to discover in Japan, and here is just a small recap:

  • Hadalabo: a brand that must be retained, they have lotions at very good prices and of exceptional quality. Are you looking to hydrate yourself? Buy the lotion with Hyaluronic Acid from Hada Labo. The intensity changes (you will see different packages that indicate light, or I, II …) according to the level of hydration.
  • Labo Labo: there are several things, but of these I like the exfoliating lotion, it leaves your skin clean and soft.
  • Senka: a name that you absolutely must know, and it is a sub-brand of Shiseido, with a lot of quality, but at very contained prices. There is a tourist bestselling product, the Perfect Whip, it is a cleanser. I have come to read somewhere, that it is one of the best-selling products in Japan.
  • DHC: a little better known abroad, the products are good, but more expensive than other brands in Japan.
  • Fancl
  • Cure: like Fancl or DHc, the products are more expensive, but of excellent quality. The Natural Aqua Gel is a bestseller.
  • Cézanne: this brand has surprised me, it gives you the impression of buying toys as a girl, the packaging is beautiful; Low prices, and you buy it saying, well, how much money can I lose. And then it surprises you. Its compact powder is of the same quality as a big brand, and it costs almost 10 times less. There are many other interesting brands, and many, I think I should do a post only on Japanese makeup.
  • Lululun: masks masters, you will find all kinds of this brand.
  • Bioré: there are many cosmetics, but I am a fan of sunscreens, the best I’ve ever tried in my life, gel without stickies, light, they are great, you feel like you don’t have them, and the protection is maximum.
  • Annesa, Aqualabel, SKII and Elixir: other Shiseido sub-brands, in these brands you will find more contained prices with the same extraordinary quality of Shisedo.
  • Muji: it is not a brand that you will find next to the others, but only in the stores of the same name. They have really “unbranded” products, ultra-minimized packaging and zen, based solely on the quality of the content. The prices are very good.
  • Kosé: it is not cheap either, but if you can afford it, do not hesitate to buy it.
  • Hokuroku Sousui: es una marca exclusiva como muchas en Japón, no la encontrarán en las tiendas de cosméticos; únicamente en sus propias tiendas. Son productos hechos a base de plantas, y algo costosos, pero de una calidad y delicadeza excepcional, con una presentación zen y sin faltas. Yo quedé enamorada. Visiten la tienda si están por Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya o Fukuoka.

Where to buy these cosmetics in Japan?

As soon as you start walking in Japan, you will find out where you can buy these products. The stores are more than obvious, often with shelving on the sidewalk.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi: there are them everywhere, they are distinguished by kilometers, the truth is I don’t know which are Matsumoto and which are not, I see them all the same. They are simply stores crowded with cosmetics, and I tell you, it will not be easy to find a product, but your patience will pay.


Daiso: also everything at 100, there will not only be cosmetics but anything that comes to mind.

Cosme store: more organized and elaborate like stores, but perhaps with a little less products, some things you will not find.

If you want to know how to buy from your country, do not hesitate to contact me to give tips on where to buy based on your country of origin.

Where to buy these cosmetics outside of Japan? Buy Japanese cosmetics online

After you try this fabulous Japanese cosmetics and you realize how good it is, obviously you want to keep buying them. The price/quality ratio is exceptional and I’m sure that you’ll be one of the next addicted to these products.

Surely in your country there is a website that sells them. For my orders I use several websites:


Dokodemo and Yesstyle are the easiest to use. You must pay close attention to shipping costs in the case of Dokodemo and not combine different providers. With Yesstyle you have free shipping (depending on the country) from a certain amount.

Japanese Cosmetics – Quality brands at the best price!