Venezuela has been on the lips of many for the wrong reasons when it could be on everyone’s lips for its tourism potential, its people, and its food. This post recalls our trip to Isla Margarita in Venezuela, a beach place in the Caribbean that should be considered again in the list of tourist destinations to enjoy.

In this destination, we tested two different accommodation formulas to see the pros and cons of each one.

1. How to travel to Margarita Island Venezuela?

Margarita Island Venezuela is not directly connected by international airlines, except via very specific and rarely available charter flights. The almost only way to get there is through the Simon Bolivar Airport (Venezuela’s main airport). Isla Margarita is only a 35-minute flight from that airport, connected by national airlines with a good level, we traveled with Laser Airlines which was punctual, organized, and with quality aircraft.

The other way is by sea (2h30 navigation) by Ferry, they leave from the port in La Guaira (near the airport, one day a week) and from the City of Puerto La Cruz in the east of the country (4h30 hours from the capital ). This route is not highly recommended for a traveler who has just arrived at the international airport, because it is uncomfortable and wastes time, so the ideal is to go by plane.

2. Where to stay on Isla Margarita in Venezuela??

Margarita Island Venezuela has a respectable amount of accommodation, there are all kinds: apartments, villas, hotels of various categories, boutique hotels and all-inclusive resorts. For an international traveler, I will recommend chain hotels or resorts for several reasons: ease of payment and several advantages.

I will tell you in detail about the 2 accommodations we chose:

Sunsol Ecoland – Pedro Gonzalez Bay

Sunsol Hotels is a chain of national hotels that work on the All Inclusive formula. The Ecoland of Margarital Island in the Pedro Gonzalez bay area is one of the largest and is a resort that has plenty of activities and benefits.

The rooms are simple with a spartan decoration, and a minimum of comforts but very clean, I personally think that they lack a few more things in furniture (such as an armchair in the room, a place to put suitcases, and a garden table on the terrace…), but to spend a few days on vacation they are fine. The rooms are distributed in several buildings that belonged to an old hotel and that were renovated. The buildings at the back of the property are older and less recently renovated, while those in the Oasis area were renovated a year ago, with better taste and better finishes. It is here where we stayed.

The facilities are wide and extensive, you have to walk a lot from one place to another. It has several swimming pools, bars everywhere where you can request cocktails and drinks included, several restaurants, game rooms, mini golf, and some shops that sell tax-free like the rest of the island.

Our favorite place was the restaurant and bar that were right in front of the beach. There they organize a lot of activities and live music, so it is practically not necessary to move to another part.

The food is correct, the breakfasts are particularly good, with local food. When there are themed dinners or evenings, they serve food accordingly that is abundant and quite good. For the rest, it is quite repetitive, but of good quality, the standard of an all-inclusive. The cocktails are excellent and varied.

H2Otel Playa El Agua

Here we completely change the type of hotel, the H2otel is a boutique hotel with about forty rooms, swimming pool, bar, a sauna, and a restaurant. It has a beach club a couple of blocks from the hotel, to which they take you in golf carts. They receive you very courteously with a welcome cocktail.

At the beach club, you can leave your things, change, shower, and rest. There the beachboys will take care of you, they will bring you a cava with drinks (beers, juices, and water) to your loungers on the beach.

The only flaw in this place is the large number of street vendors who come to offer you their wares. For the rest the place is quiet, and the beach is long and very beautiful.

The hotel rooms are beautiful, nice decorations, and furniture of the level of any good quality European hotel. Good linen, excellent quality mattresses, and a spacious, very nice bathroom equipped with good amenities.

The food is very good, the restaurant deserves a special mention, the food with local ingredients is of excellent quality and at the level of a very good international restaurant. The prices are in line with this level without being too high.

3. How to move around the island? Is it safe to travel to Margarita Island Venezuela?

One of the great issues that will come to mind when hearing about Margarita Island Venezuela, will surely be security. I must say that this issue has improved remarkably in the country, and there are not so many problems at this level, although, nevertheless, one should not stop being vigilant as in any tourist place. Resorts and boutique hotels are absolutely safe, and you can stay totally relaxed. Thanks to this security feeling, you can move around in a taxi calmly, or with arranged drivers, which is the best for comfort and to avoid waiting, in addition to the fact that prices will be more contained in this case.

Car rental is also an option, but the secondary streets are not in very good condition, so at least a 4×4 is recommended. The GPS works without problems and almost all the streets are listed, which helps to locate you.

The services equivalent to Uber which work very well in the capital, do not work in this state, so it is better to arrange with a taxi or private car driver, who can pick you up and take you wherever you want for a previously established price. If you need help with this and want us to recommend someone, do not hesitate to write to us here.

4.Things to do in Margarita Island Venezuela?

Margarita Island Venezuela has several things to offer, although you will see that just being in the resorts or hotels, you will have a lot of things and activities at your fingertips and around it.

Currently, in Playa El Agua there is no nightlife, it is like a place that is in full reconstruction, and we recommend staying at the hotel at night if you are staying in this area. I’m sure that you will have more activities and entertainment at the hotel, they are always organizing something for retaining customers inside the properties.

In the Pampatar area, there are many restaurants and shops, therefore it is very lively. Also in the Playa El Yaque area.

The historic area of ​​La Asunción (the capital) of the state is a good place to visit, it doesn’t take much time and it’s relatively close to Pampatar if you’re around there.

Apart from the beaches, it is possible to arrange excursions to the inner part of the island, you can book a Jeep ride through various points of interest.

Snorkeling and diving are your things? You will also find activities of this type, they are in the open sea, and you have to have a certain level. You can get information from the people of Scubadiving Margarita.

Margarita Island Venezuela

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