Moorea is one of the Polynesian islands that gathers a lot of attractions but is not one of the best known worldwide, Bora Bora will always be the first. However, there are many things to do in Moorea, and for sure this island will not disappoint you.

Here are some options for activities to do in Moorea without contracting a paid tour, and that you can do by your own.

1. Take the Island Tour

Moorea is interesting for its coastline, but so is its exotic mountain interior. You will enjoy really unique landscapes. To do this you can choose between two options: pay for a guided tour or rent a mini 4×4, a quad, a car or a scooter and venture alone.

If you choose to rent your own locomotion, even though the island is small, do not forget to study well the routes where you can pass, and where to go. There are places you won’t be able to drive by a motorcycle. Besides, check very well the weather, it is not rare to get some showers during the day, so scooters sometimes not will be the best option.

The interesting things to see on this tour that you should not miss are:

  • The Belvedere: with stunning views of the two bays that shape the island of Moorea
  • Visiting the Lycée Agricole Opunohu: try its exquisite jams and juices, and take some home, it is inevitable, once you test them, you will find out flavors that only exist in Polynesia.
  • Visit the Rotui Juice Factory and Tahiti Drink: located in Pihaena. They also make jams, which are good, but not as good as those of the Lycée. Here I recommend you buy the Tahiti Drink, a punch with an alcoholic touch that they manufacture in two versions. Pineapple juices are also fantastic, due to their exceptional pineapples.
  • The Magic Mountain: you can get there, only if it is in 4×4, the final climb is difficult enough to climb it on a scooter.

You can also just stop where you like, as we did. In Moorea you’ll find excellent public beaches equipped with showers and restrooms.

to do to moorea - points of interest - moorea maps
The yellow flowers indicate interesting points to visit that should not be left out of the tour. I indicate the interesting points of snorkeling with red fish, I talk about it later.

2. One of the main things to do in Moorea: Kayaking and Snorkeling

If your accommodation offers (like many) kayaks, do not hesitate to go out with them for a tour to enjoy the Lagoon, you will soon find a fabulous place to snorkel. Usually, accommodations lend Snorkeling equipment freely, or better yet, you can take your own to always keep it safe at hand.

It is also possible to rent kayaks, and there are even transparent ones to admire the background while paddling. You can kayak to the area where rays and sharks usually meet, and where tours take you.

On the Public beach of Temae you will also find an excellent area to get a bath and snorkel. If you are more adventurous and good swimmers you can get close to the reef.

In the photo below, there are some interesting points for snorkeling with arrows. I indicate them in the picture above with red minnows.

snorkeling in moorea

3. Rent a bike and take a break at the public beach of Ta’ahiamanu

If you rent a bike you can take a tour at your own rhythm, always following the main road that borders the entire island of Moorea. Please takes the necessary precautions because there are no cyclable tracks dedicated to this circulation, and it is necessary to share with the circulation of cars.

If you don’t want to give the pedal so much, you can even rent an electric bike. If you are a more sporty one, and you are looking for a little adventure, you can opt for a mountain bike and enter more technical trails.

Your accommodation will be able to inform you of the nearest place where to rent the bikes if they are not bicycles available. Usually, accommodations lend bicycles, but classic ones, not mountain bikes.

An interesting stop while doing the bike tour, can be the public beach of Ta’ahiamanu, where you can take a break, with a picnic that you can arrange with shopping in the supermarket or some snacks purchased in one of the many roulottes or kiosks that you will find on the way.

All that after you’ve given you a fresh bath to refresh you after physical exertion.

Here are some links about bike rental:

  • Electric bikes and mountain bikes: EBIKE Moorea and ECOBike Moorea, also organize guided bike tours.
  • Moorea Fun Bike : mountain bike rental, also rent scooters and cars

4. Contribute to Coral Gardeners and plant a Coral

You can visit this association that does an amazing job of protecting the coral reefs of the Polynesian islands. The association invites you to integrate their team during a half-day in which you will learn about corals, visit a coral garden, and plant your own coral and you can adopt it if you want for 25 euros.

Here I leave you the link to their website where you see wonderful photos, the website is really beautiful: coral-gardeners

5. Meet the Maraes of Moorea

As on every island of French Polynesia, there are a lot of places considered sacred to Polynesian culture: the maraes. Do not stop including them on the tour, so that they feel the real mana. Here are some, but there are a dozen on the island.

  • Marae i Tetiiroa
  • Marae i Afare’aito: one of the best-preserved maraes
  • Marae Ahu or Mahine

6. Hiking

There are several hiking trails in Moorea, with more or less difficulty. What if guaranteed all these routes are lush vegetation and very beautiful views, all that if you manage to master the wet heat and fight against mosquitoes. The good comes at a price!

Alltrails, a website specialized in hiking trails can give you more details. If you create a free account, you will have basic information about the different hiking trails. If you’re one of those people who spend more in nature than at home, you can move on to the pro version.

afareaitu waterfall -things to do in  moorea

Additional information can be found on the Tahiti Tourisme website

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