We traveled to Florence early this year, at the end of the winter. A wonderful time for visiting this beautiful city, less crowded and less expensive. Since days were still short, we visited a lot of places during sunset or by night, and we really appreciated Florence by night.

Ponte Vecchio and Lungarno: splendid spots of Florence by night

A perfect place to visit during the sunset and later is Ponte Vecchio. The best way to get a great view of this spot is by crossing the Ponte alle Grazie coming from downtown, you’ll see Ponte Vecchio on the horizon.

After crossing the bridge, take to your left the street Lungarno Torregiani, you’ll have splendid views of the Gallerie degli Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio. With the light of the end of the day, buildings will be enhanced and magic.

If you continue on this street, you will find arrive to Ponte Vecchio on your right.

Downtown of Florence by night

One of the most beautiful scenes that I saw by night it was just discovering the view of il Doumo from one of the streets. The photo doesn’t do justice to the immensity of the illuminated Duomo that absolutely domain over the buildings around.

Some spots are just different in Florence by night, or you can really admire them when they are not crowded. One good example is the picture above, on the right; during the day, this place is a leather market, full of handbags, but during the night you can enjoy the size of the place only for you.

Other buildings that are already amazing during the day, look magic and bucolic with illuminations. Fountains are enhanced by the bright light and reflections on the water.

If you decide to travel to Florence, do not hesitate to go out for the season, even with short days you’ll have stunning views of the city, almost only for you.

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