We have traveled a lot, and we will continue to do it, but at this moment we really can say that we have visited some of the most beautiful places in the world. Of course, we can’t pretend to know all of them, I’m sure that some are just hidden and unknown. And even if beauty is subjective, some places are unanimously wonderful and paradisiac. Take a tour with us around some of the most paradisiac islands we have visited.

I know that a lot of places are beautiful, some we’ll prefer nature (beach, mountains…) other people will be more of a city person. This is why I’ll divide this post into a series. This one will be dedicated to Paradisiac Islands.

Some of the most beautiful places in the World :

Caribean Region

The Bahamas IsLANDS

What can I say about them: pure beauty. You have a vast choice of islands, all of them are wonderful, some more beautiful than others, but the common point: spectacular clear waters and incredible fine sands so white and soft that feels like flour. The clear nights will let you see a sky full of stars because there is not a lot of artificial light on the islands. It is the most beautiful night sky that I have seen in my life, I lost my words when I saw it the first time.

Personally, I prefer the island less crowded and more intimate: like Eleuthera or Andros. Bahamian people are super nice and amiable, you’ll enjoy calm and relaxed moments on these islands.

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Pacific Region

The French Polynesian Islands

The value and good reputation of these islands is not something to build, it’s a fact. Five archipelagos to enjoy: Societé, Tuamotus, Marquesas, Austral and Gambiers. and everyone is different from the others.

Hiking volcanos, swimming in crystal turquoise waters with mantas and sharks, sleeping in a luxury overwater bungalow or a family pension, you’ll find a lot of things to do and enjoy on these islands. Some of them are more savages, some more luxury-oriented, you would be able to plan any kind of travel that you want.

rangiroa sables roses - Most beautiful places in the world

European Region


Another of the most beautiful places in the world that have no proof the value. Santorini island is not too big but with a relief that lets you enjoy stunning landscapes. The place is famous for its sunsets, and you’ll not be disappointed, they are amazing and very romantic for sharing with your beloved.

You can enjoy a lot of activities in place: trekking, wine tasting, eating, partying (mostly in summer), beaches (from Mai to September), booking luxury hotels for relaxing and being pampered, or more simple hosting houses for being in touch with local people. You’ll have a lot of options.

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