Surely if you hear about French Polynesia, the first reference will be Bora Bora Island, but you know that there are hundreds of islands, and among them, there is one that I appreciate very much: Moorea island. Just 10 minutes from Tahiti, this island has many advantages. Taking advantage of the fact that I am organizing a new trip to Polynesia, I let you know how much a trip to Moorea costs.

Personally I consider that when traveling to French Polynesia, one cannot limit oneself to Bora Bora. Without a doubt, this island is fantastic and almost unique, but to prolong the stay without exploiting the budget there are other paradisiacal islands. Even excluding Bora Bora will lower expenses significantly. If you want to get to know French Polynesia and its fantastic waters and landscapes on a more limited budget, consider Moorea.

Use this pandemic time to plan your trip, because going to French Polynesia is something that is planned in advance. The longer you do it before, the better prices you will get, at least when it comes to accommodation. Air tickets usually do not vary much, however exceptional prices are being seen due to Covid.

1. When is the best time to travel to Moorea Island for saving more?

 To get the best prices you have to opt for the usual solution, traveling in low season. Between November and March (excluding December).

Regarding the time that you can find, you will have more risk of rain, because this time is what is known there as summer, and it is when there is more rainfall. The month in which it rains the most is usually January.

You should also consider that Moorea, being a mountainous island, has a tendency to retain cloudiness, and that is why it rains a lot, hence it has such lush vegetation. But rainfall can vary within the same island, and when the weather is bad on one side, have a bright sun on the other side.

2. How to arrive at Moorea Island

One of the advantages of the proximity between Moorea and Tahití is that you do not need to buy a plane ticket and you can take a ferry that connects the two islands. This if you do not plan to visit other islands of the archipelago, since otherwise, a pass will suit you. It all depends on how many islands you visit.

In my article What to see and do in Moorea you will find the details and prices on these ferries. And about the plane passes so you can do your calculations.

3. Where to stay in Moorea and at what price?

 I think Moorea Island is one of the ones with the most accommodation options in all of French Polynesia. There are fewer luxury hotels than on Bora Bora, but much more varied and perhaps better quality options than can be found on other islands.

4. How much do activities in Moorea cost?

One of the advantages of Moorea is that it offers a lot to do and at lower prices than can be found in Bora Bora.

In my post Things to do In Moorea-6 cool and chep plans you will realize that there are several activities that cost nothing or very little.

Then here I leave you other available activities and the prices of each one so that you can plan your trip:

  • Playing Golf: if you like this sport, you cannot miss the opportunity to play with exceptional views over the Pacific. The practice and the golf-fee cost similar to what you would pay in any other golf. Between € 40 for a 9 hole to € 60 for an 18 hole. Do not forget the sun cream and good hydration.
  • Zip-lines and tree-lined tours: There is a relatively recent park that allows tours of the trees and nature of Moorea, Tiki Parc. Between ropes, hanging bridges, and zip-lines, you can enjoy the Pacific greenery. In a more or less sporty way (according to your rhythm).
  • 4 × 4 safari with guide: a 4 × 4 ride through all the essential points of the island: the beldevederes, the agricultural school, the pineapple fields, the magic mountain. From € 40 for half a day. Does not include food.
  • Water activities: there is a lot of this part, the most common is the island tour that stops at 3 points: Cook’s Bay, the lagoon where rays and sharks feed, and a stop at a motu for snorkeling and eating. Some include activities in this last stop on the motu (opening a coconut, such as putting on the sarong, preparing poisson cru, weaving hats …). Each borrower has a private motu. From € 60 for the full day with food included.
  • Combined Safari and Jet Ski: Moorea has an excellent lagoon for this type of activity. And after the internal tour of the island, what better way than to also go through the lagoon. I recommend this for the more adventurous because it makes for a pretty long and busy day. Between € 170 and € 260 depending on whether 2 people go on a single jet-ski or one on each.
  • The Tiki Village: it is a very touristy place, which recreates a Polynesian town. They perform dances with fire and activities in which they involve tourists. You can pay for dinner and your show, or just the show. It is not much my style but if you want to know more visit their website.
  • Go to eat at one of the many restaurants: Moorea has many restaurants of all kinds, and very good, from the most informal to more formal and elegant. You eat very well, and many restaurants take care of picking you up at your hotel. I do not know how they have adapted their service with the issue of covid, but it is a pity not to enjoy dinners in Moorea because it is one of their strengths.

 My favorite restaurants in Moorea: the Moorea Beach Café, the Lezard Jaune, the Coco d’Isle

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