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French Countryside Road Trip to the Aubrac

A relaxing road trip through the French Countryside that begins by crossing the Millau bridge, and entering the Aveyron department, in order to arrive to one of the most isolated and least populated lands in French territory, and one of the great natural parks in France: the Aubrac. Enjoying kilometers of nature and many cows,…

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dos dias en venecia viajar a italia

2 Days Venice Trip

Venice is located in an exceptional region; the Veneto region, which has everything: excellent wine, good food, and postcard landscapes. Very close are the immense Lake Garda, the ancient Verona, and the delicious valleys of Valpolicella. We invite you to come with us and do a 2 days Venice trip. On the occasion of the…

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miami viajes

Miami What to do and What to see

Miami what to do and what to see in this city that has a reputation as a city of only parties and the beach, which is totally true, but it is also a varied city, where you can do many things. And surrounded by places that can complement it. We tell you what we usually…

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sunsol margarita

Travel to Margarita Island Venezuela

Venezuela has been on the lips of many for the wrong reasons when it could be on everyone’s lips for its tourism potential, its people, and its food. This post recalls our trip to Isla Margarita in Venezuela, a beach place in the Caribbean that should be considered again in the list of tourist destinations…

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